Arkem s.a. we are a family business born in the year 1984 is dedicated to the distribution of raw materials and chemical products mainly for the sectors of food and animal feed, which then led to sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water treatment, filtration and purification of the environment.

In Arkem form a team which works with the aim of resolving all concerns that we face customers and market.


More than 25 years of industry experience behind us and we hold in the world of chemicals and raw motherland nationally and internationally.

Nuestras logística abarca la distribución a cualquier punto donde se precisen nuestros productos. Our logistics covers the distribution to any point where they require our products.


Since 1984 we have opted for a business that has proporionado important advances in human nutrition and veterinary medicine.

We have helped to bring our customers the products most suitable and most advanced in order to complete their proposed innovation.

Arkem has contributed to the expansion and knowledge of many of the products currently marketed worldwide …


It is found our offices located in El Masnou strategic point for our relationship with National and European level.

Our logistics center is located in Vallgorguina A7 motorway near the gateway from Europe to the national territory and distribution point to every possible direction.

ARKEM has ISO 22000 certification

Arkem has the ISO 22000 certificate of Food Safety Management System. The ISO 22000 standard establishes requirements at an international level with the aim of guaranteeing both safety and quality in the processes of production, handling and preparation of food and those other materials and tools that are going to intervene in these actions.